Barbequed Rock Nights

Carbon Free Dining - BARN - Barbecued Rock Nights

BA.RN is London’s restaurant concept which delivers an environment and dining experience inspired by the wild west, cowboys and blues music are in no shortage. BA.RN offers outstanding dishes, a range of beers and drinks, a stacked diary of events and performances, from Latin music to rock nights.

BA.RN has teamed up with Carbon Free Dining, the United Nations-backed Restaurant initiative. They have chosen to demonstrate their love for the environment by partnering with the programme.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, BA.RN plants hundreds of trees each month, effectively offsetting the Carbon Footprint of the meals it serves. This is done by simply giving diners the opportunity of planting a single fruit tree with each bill.

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BA.RN – Barbecued Rock Nights
BA.RN – Barbecued Rock Nights



14 Deptford Broadway,

0208 692 8803