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Looking for a real-life taste of India? Look no further than Bombay Snack Box, your one-stop shop for mouth-watering Indian food! Based in Derby Market Place, you will find chef Vijay creating a variety of tasty Indian dishes which are simply irresistible.

Can’t make it to Derby Market Place? No problem! Bombay Snack Box has teamed up with Deliveroo to bring the real taste of India to your front door!

Bombay Snack Box has chosen to demonstrate their love for the environment and determination to help end poverty by partnering with Carbon Free Dining, the United Nations-backed Restaurant initiative.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, Bombay Snack Box plants hundreds of trees each month, effectively offsetting the Carbon Footprint of the meals they serve.

With each bill presented, diners have the option to plant a life-changing fruit tree in the developing world. Each life-changing fruit tree helps provide income, education and food to communities living in poverty.

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Bombay Snack Box
Bombay Snack Box


Bombay Snack Box

UNIT 1 Guildhall,
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