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Carbon Free Dining - Breathe - Marbella, Spain

Breathe, located in Marbella, is a multifaceted gastronomic concept where you can relax, dine and socialise while being inspired by their quality foods, made with care. At Breathe, they believe a business is a reflection of those who created it, shown by adding their personal touch and approach to their ideas.

Breathe believe that businesses don’t need to be cold and corporate – and they have proven this through creating a great restaurant venue that is fun, ethical and cares about the environment. They put emphasis on freshly made and locally sourced seasonal produce, providing a family-friendly atmosphere. Along with their vegan and vegetarian options, Breathe is an experience that can be enjoyed by all.

Breathe are further showing their passion for the environment through their partnership with the United-Nations-Environment-backed restaurant initiative Carbon Free Dining.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, all of Breathe’s customers have the opportunity to plant a life-changing fruit tree in the developing world. This offers food, shelter, education and an economy to some of the most deprived members of our population while counterbalancing the carbon produced from Breathe’s stunning meals.

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Breathe – Marbella, Spain
Breathe – Marbella, Spain



Nueva Andalucia, Calle los Lirios,
29660 Marbella,
Málaga, Spain

+34 952 03 64 94