Cofoco (Copenhagen Food Collective) was founded on the belief that a great meal shouldn’t be expensive, and they have been reshaping dining in Copenhagen since 2004! With 11 Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants serving Italian, Nordic, French, Latin American, Japanese and Mediterranean inspired cuisine, there is a Cofoco restaurant for everyone!

Cofoco is more than just great food at a great price – create memories and new traditions in an atmosphere that makes you feel at home! Cofoco is a community, looking to lift the level of their industry where sustainability, animal welfare and ecology is the norm.

Along with their passion for making affordable meals out accessible, Cofoco are also passionate about sustainability and about ending poverty, so have partnered with the United Nations Environment backed initiative, Carbon Free Dining.

In all 11 of Cofoco’s Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants, their diners have the opportunity to plant a life-changing fruit tree in the developing world. These fruit trees are providing food, shelter, education and the start of a stable economy for some of the poorest members of our population. Furthermore, these trees counterbalance the carbon produced from all of Cofoco’s incredible meals!

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Cofoco in partnership with Carbon Free Dining
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