Your Questions Answered

Restaurants worldwide are choosing to join the Carbon Free Dining restaurant initiative and are empowering their staff and diners to help change the world!

Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants benefit from enhanced sustainability, free restaurant marketing support including restaurant promotional videos, happier diners and the joy of knowing that their restaurant is helping to change the world that we live in!

For each £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD donated by your diners, CFD guarantees to plant minimum of one tree in the developing world along with the provision of tools, education and infrastructure.

No, the £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD is a donation from your diner to Carbon Free Dining and therefore has no VAT applied to it.

No, In effect you are holding the £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD and using your ePos as an electronic version of a collection tin. The £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD is never added to your P+L and is always owned by Carbon Free Dining.

On the last day of the month after close of business, you need to run a report to send to us showing how many £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD has been collected.

We will then send a claim for funds which needs to be paid within 7 days.Once the funds have been paid and transferred to our tree planting project and the trees paid for, you will receive a legal verification letter from our independent solicitors as well as your certificate.

At this point, we will update your tree counter.

All Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants are given a window sticker, wall plaque and digital logos that can be used on their website.

We also create a personalised landing page for all partner restaurants on the Carbon Free Dining website.

All receipts have a short explainer about Carbon Free Dining as well as a link to the restaurants personalised landing page.

Carbon Free Dining is all about creating positivity for the restaurant, its team, their diners and the world. If we force people to pay the £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD it can create negativity, which is the last thing we want.

No, we don’t as they are made from trees! Some of our partners have made their own and used recycled materials, but the explainer on the receipt should be enough.

Absolutely! What you are doing as a partner is amazing and the more people that know about what you are doing the better we hope it will be for your business.

In all the years we have been running Carbon Free Dining we have not had a complaint. We constantly monitor social media and review sites and have never had to engage with a complaint.

That being said, should a complaint arise, we would be happy to deal with it if you cannot.

We can provide images of the current planting projects for you to use.