Di Rita’s
Italian Cuisine

Carbon Free Dining - Di Rita's Italian Cuisine

Di Rita’s is modern and sleek in style and serves traditional Italian food, characterised by simplicity and good ingredients. Di Rita’s are passionate about creating fresh and delicious dishes for their customers!

Opened in July 2016 by owner Andrew Di Rita whose dream has always been to run his own Italian restaurant for a shared celebration of Italian eating. Andrew prides himself on his diner experience and his love of the environment and that’s why Di Rita’s Italian has teamed up with Carbon Free Dining.

Now, for every bill Di Rita’s present, they empower their diners to plant a life-changing fruit tree in the developing world. Each tree counterbalances the Carbon Footprint and Food Waste of the meals on the bill and helps provide a sustainable way of life for entire communities for generations to come.

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Di Rita’s Italian Cuisine
Di Rita’s Italian Cuisine

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21 Bridge Street
St Ives, Cambridgeshire
PE27 5EH
Monday5:30pm – 9pm 
Tuesday5:30pm – 9pm 
Wednesday5:30pm – 9pm 
Thursday5:30pm – 9pm 
Friday5:30pm – 9pm 
Saturday5:30pm – 9pm 


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