Emricci Pizzeria

Locust, North Carolina

Carbon Free Dining - Certified Restaurant - Emricci Pizzeria - North Carolina USACarbon Free Dining - Certified Restaurant - Emricci Pizzeria - North Carolina USA

Emricci Pizzeria is a pizza restaurant & takeaway located in Locust, North Carolina! As a family-owned business committed to serving the best food made up of the freshest ingredients, you’re in for a treat when you visit Emricci! At Emricci, they also value local produce and use local suppliers where possible!

Emricci are super passionate about community – they hold fun competitions and events regularly, like their infamous sports competition where people who correctly guess game scores win free pizzas! Furthermore, Tuesday nights are ‘Community Night’. On the second Tuesday of every month, Emricci donates 10% of their sales to a local non-profit or charity. Since 2014 they have given over $27,000 to local causes – amazing!!

Further showing their love for giving back to those in need, Emricci Pizzeria has partnered with the United Nations Environment backed initiative Carbon Free Dining!

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified establishment, everyone who visits Emricci has the opportunity to plant a life-changing fruit tree in the developing world. These trees are transforming the lives of some of the most deprived communities on our planet by providing food, shelter, education and the start to a sustainable economy.

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Emricci Pizzeria – North Carolina
Emricci Pizzeria – North Carolina


Emricci Pizzeria

1814 W Main St,
Locust, NC 28097,
United States

+1 704-781-0065