• Carbon Free Dining is an environmental initiative operated by The Green Earth Appeal which gives restaurants and their diners the opportunity to plant life changing fruit trees in the developing world!

    The fruit trees planted offset the carbon impact associated with dining out at a restaurant, counterbalances the food waste and also provides food, education, income and opportunity to developing world communities.

  • So far diners at Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurants have helped to plant over 500,000 trees!

    That is the equivalent of counterbalancing the carbon impact of over 1 million meals! 🍽🌳

  • Fruit trees planted by diners at Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurant’s are currently being planted in Tanzania, East-Africa.

    The tree nurseries in Tanzania are providing education to communities on how best to use their land.

  • Trees offset carbon dioxide (CO₂) from our earth’s atmosphere, and with the huge impact that our modern world is having upon our planet – we are in desperate need of a sustainable solution to counterbalance the negative effect we are having upon our planet.

    A single fruit tree during a 40-year lifespan will sequester 1 tonne of CO₂

    That’s the equivalent amount of CO₂ emissions produced by flying from London to New York! 🛫