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  • Carbon Free Dining is an environmental initiative operated by The Green Earth Appeal which gives restaurants and their diners the opportunity to plant-life changing fruit trees in the developing world with their meal!

    Carbon Free Dining

    Carbon Free Dining is designed to empower restaurant diners to help change the world with their meals, whilst providing restaurants with a solution to demonstrate their social and environmental credentials, at a time when consumers want to align with brands that share their values.

  • So far, Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurants and their diners have helped to plant over 1.27 million fruit trees in the developing world! Which is the equivalent of counterbalancing the carbon impact of over 2.5 million meals! ??

  • The fruit trees planted by Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants and their diners bring countless benefits both the environment and to the developing world!

    Supporting developing world communities:

    • Feeding those in need
      The fruit trees planted by Carbon Free Dining Certifed restaurants feed families in the developing world who otherwise may go without food.
    • A source of income
      Surplus fruit grown from the fruit trees are sold at local markets which provides a source of income to families, as well as helping to start a new economy.
    • Education to children
      Families earning an income resulting from our fruit trees are able to send their children to school, to educate the next generation!
    • Education on farming, tools and infrastructure
      As well as providing fruit trees to the developing world, your donation also helps to provide education to new farmers on the best ways to use their land, provide them with the necessary tools to maximise their yield, and put the infrastructure in place to make the tree planting sustainable.

    Supporting the environment:

    Trees offset carbon dioxide (CO₂) from our earth’s atmosphere, and with the huge impact that our modern world is having upon our planet – we are in desperate need of a sustainable solution to counterbalance the negative effect we are having upon our planet.

    A single fruit tree during a 40-year lifespan will sequester 1 tonne of CO₂

    That’s the equivalent amount of CO₂ emissions produced by flying from London to New York!* ?


  • Carbon Free Dining has contributed to global tree-planting efforts all around the world. We have supported projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas too!

    With trees planted in Burundi, Ethiopia and Cameroon, not to mention Brazil, India and the Philippines, Carbon Free Dining’s awesome partner restaurants and their diners are transforming lives at all corners of the planet.

    Our current tree planting project is focussed in Tanzania, which you can learn more about below…

  • Your restaurant can benefit by becoming a Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurant today!

    Carbon Free Dining is the free-to-join restaurant initiative – providing restaurants worldwide with:

    ✅ Free restaurant marketing
    ✅ Free restaurant promotional videos
    ✅ Enhanced restaurant sustainability
    ✅ Free restaurant ePOS
    ✅ Social media marketing support
    ✅ More, happier customers
    ✅ Better online reviews
    ✅ Happier staff

    And more, all at zero-cost…

  • Becoming a Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurant is super simple, and doesn’t cost a penny!

    Simply click the link below and complete the short form, and we’ll take it from there!

  • Carbon Free Dining is branching out rapidly across the world, with more and more restaurants joining the inititaive every day!

    Carbon Free Dining has restaurant partners in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Malta, Malaysia, Morocco, The Netherlands, Singapore, Spain and the USA – and that list is growing!

    Restaurants from any country and continent can become Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurants.

Join Carbon Free Dining at zero-cost today!

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