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Carbon Free Dining - Hafla Hafla - Liverpool

Hafla Hafla, located in Liverpool, is a restaurant that specialises in street food that’s inspired by the Middle East. Starting as a food stall that travelled to festivals and events around England, Hafla Hafla now has a permanent residency in Liverpool’s first-ever street food market, where they’ve become famous for their halloumi fries and pittas!

‘Hafla Hafla’ means party in Arabic, reflecting the fun food they serve with fresh, bold and vibrant flavours. Serving a wide range of kebabs, halloumi fries and burgers – all at a reasonable price – you’re sure to be in for a treat when you dine at Hafla Hafla!

Along with their passion for serving fantastic street food, at Hafla Hafla, they’re also showing their care for the environment and for ending poverty through their partnership with the United-Nations-Environment-backed initiative Carbon Free Dining!

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, every single one of Hafla Hafla’s diners has the opportunity to plant a life-changing fruit tree in the developing world. These fruit trees provide food, shelter and the means to start a stable economy to some of the poorest members of our population while counterbalancing the carbon produced from all of Hafla Hafla’s insane food!

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Hafla Hafla


Hafla Hafla

73 Lark Lane, Aigburth,
L17 8UP

0151 309 1244