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Horticulture is a café, bar and restaurant in the heart of Newcastle. Their company ethos and values lie within fresh and locally sourced produce, and they’re always finding ways to reduce their environmental effect – from reducing waste to using biodegradable packaging.

Horticulture strives to create tasty and forward-thinking dishes and cocktails, and their menu is based on modern British cuisine with international flavours, delivered in a relaxed social environment. When it comes to their custom cocktails, they strive to use every part of their produce to create more sustainable and tastier cocktails!

Further showing their passion for the environment and for ending poverty, Horticulture has partnered with the United Nations Environment backed initiative Carbon Free Dining!

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, all of Horticulture’s diners have the opportunity to plant a life-changing tree in one of the most deprived communities on our planet. These fruit trees offer food, shelter and the means to start a stable, sustainable economy while counterbalancing the carbon produced from Horticulture’s incredible dishes.

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1-3 Market Lane
Newcastle Upon Tyne

0191 261 7222