How do I Offset my Restaurant's Carbon (CO2) Footprint?

Offset your Restaurant’s Carbon (CO2) Footprint for Free

Let Carbon Free Dining offset your restaurant’s carbon (CO2) footprint at no cost to you for an entire month, by planting a single fruit tree for every bill you present.

Complete the form and we will plant a tree on your behalf for every bill you present next month* and send you a certificate and legal verification letter, confirming that your trees have been planted and your restaurant’s carbon (CO2) footprint has been offset.

United Nations Environment Backed

Modern diners are demanding that restaurants take responsibility for their environmental impact and Carbon Free Dining the United Nations-backed restaurant initiative does just that.

Satinder Bindra, whilst Director of Communications at the United Nations Environment Program said our restaurant initiative is “an outstanding initiative which successfully merges the joy of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.”

Join Michelin Star and Celebrity Chefs

Since 2012 both Marco Pierre White and James Martin have enjoyed carbon neutrality in their restaurants as well as winning awards at the houses of parliament for their participation in our initiative.

* up to 2000

Make my restaurant carbon neutral for FREE for the next month...

Offset Your Restaurant's Carbon Footprint for Free

By planting a single fruit tree in the developing world with each bill presented, Carbon Free Dining will:

  • Offset the CO2 of each meal
  • Offset the food waste of each meal
  • Provide a great story and great PR
  • Meet the demands of the ‘Modern Diner’
  • Amplify the positive dining experience
  • Help end the reliance on aid for developing world communities
  • Reverse deforestation and desertification
  • Give the diner a take-home memory they won’t forget

Marco Pierre White, one of the first Carbon Free Dining partners whilst at his Nottingham restaurant said of the dining initiative:

‘When you make a plate of food, it is gone in fifteen minutes. When you plant a tree, it is there for a lifetime. We’ve supported the Green Earth Appeal and we’ve made a difference’.

If you want to make a difference and amplify your positive diner experience, we will help you by offsetting your restaurant’s Carbon (CO2) Footprint free for one month. Simply fill out the form and we will be in touch.

Carbon Free Dining - Offset My Restaurant's Carbon Footprint