Rotterdam, Netherlands

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LenselinQ is a wine bar in the Netherlands, providing authentic and pure wines at a fair price. They are best known for their wine tasting experiences, where you can taste a selection of fine wines. LenselinQ offers more than just a simple wine tasting – you’re educated on the background of the winemaker, the grapes used, wine characteristics and varieties – all so you can discover your own wine preference.

LenselinQ pride themselves on not just supplying wines, but also telling their story, as they believe all wines carry their own inspiring story. Try a few wines, buy a bottle and enjoy a drink with friends and family in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

Along with their passion for wines, at LenselinQ they are showing their passion for the environment through their partnership with Carbon Free Dining – the United-Nations-Environment-backed initiative.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified establishment, all of LenselinQ’s customers have the opportunity to plant a life-saving fruit tree in one of the worlds most deprived communities. These trees provide food, shelter, education and an economy which changes the lives of some of the poorest members of our population while counterbalancing the carbon produced from creating and importing their incredible selection of wines.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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