Carbon Free Dining in Partnership with Lightspeed

Carbon Free Dining in Partnership With Lightspeed

Lightspeed is changing the lives of some of the planet’s poorest communities and by partnering with Carbon Free Dining they are helping drive a programme that has already planted hundreds of thousands of trees and plans to plant millions more.

As a pioneer in its field, Lightspeed has become the world’s only POS solution to integrate CSR and Triple Bottom Line into its offering, providing customers with a game changing product.

With their rewards programme exclusive to Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants, Lightspeed continues to define the sector, whilst demonstrating its own commitment to the empowerment of people and the planet.

CEO and Founder of Lightspeed Dax Dasilva stated that “Lightspeed was founded on pushing boundaries, empowering business and putting culture before code. By defining a new paradigm, we are redefining the industry. Carbon Free Dining is just one more step towards offering our POS partners and their customers a seamless way to achieve their own goals”.

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