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Carbon Free Dining

Delivering what consumers want

With 33% of consumers now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good*, Carbon Free Dining is a United Nations Environment backed restaurant initiative, providing its partner restaurants with the environmental differentiator that gives diners a feel-good factor.

A recent study found that more than one in five of the people actively choose brands if they made their sustainability credentials clearer, while 53% of consumers in the UK say they feel better when they buy products that are sustainably produced*.

Partner restaurants include an optional £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD on each bill (not per diner) which we guarantee will be used to plant a single carbon sequestering fruit tree in the developing world. By adding a small note at the bottom of each bill, diners are informed that the optional £0.99/€0.99/$1.25 USD will offset the carbon footprint of their meal, delivering the feel-good factor that brings diners back.

By becoming a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, you will;

  • Receive your Lightspeed software free of charge
  • Enhance your diners experience
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Offset your restaurant’s carbon footprint
  • Counterbalance your food waste
  • Change the lives of some the planets poorest communities
  • Receive environmental award nominations

*Source: Unilever