Resto Karfoer

Betekom, Belgium

Carbon Free Dining - Resto Karfoer

Resto Karfoer is a cosy restaurant located in Betekom, Belgium. Situated in a historic building that has been beautifully renovated, incorporating a roof terrace, creating an intimate atmosphere that goes perfectly with their great food and wines. Their motto is “we Karfoer you!’ and they definitely live up to this – Resto Karfoer is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends, family, partners and colleagues.

At Resto Karfoer they also have a porch which is suitable for a huge range of events including workshops, parties, meetings, baby showers – anything is negotiable! And along with their rich menu with a variety of international flavours and options, why would you choose anywhere else?

Further showing their passion for their motto, Resto Karfoer have partnered with the United-Nations-Environment-backed initiative Carbon Free Dining!

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, all of Resto Karfoer’s customers have the opportunity to plant a life-saving fruit tree in one of our worlds poorest communities, offering food, shelter, education and an economy to some of the most deprived members of our world. Furthermore, these fruit trees also counterbalance the carbon produced from Resto Karfoer’s divine meals.

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Resto Karfoer
Resto Karfoer


Resto Karfoer

Pastoor Pitetlaan 23 Keverkruispunt,
3130 Betekom,

+32 16 19 66 91