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Seeds For The Soul - Edinburgh

Seeds For The Soul are on an inspiring mission to show people that vegan food is not just ‘grass’, oh no, it’s so so so much more! Seeds For The Soul prove that what you can can be made from plants is amazing and the possibilities are limitless!

From different types of plant-based milk to burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, tacos, nachos, wraps and vitamin-packed smoothies, to tasty bakes and cakes (and yes, you don’t really need to use eggs or cows milk to make a fluffy sponge!).

Oh, and all of the salads and the soups! Seeds For The Soul are also very excited to introduce different superfoods to you, from amazing green-blue algae like spirulina to maca powder, hemp seeds, matcha and turmeric.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified partner, Seeds For The Soul plants hundreds of trees each month, effectively offsetting the Carbon Footprint of the meals it serves. This is done by simply giving diners the opportunity of planting a single fruit tree with each bill.

Seeds For The Soul
Seeds For The Soul


Seeds For The Soul

167 Bruntsfield Place,
EH10 4DG