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World's Strongest Faith
World’s Strongest Faith
Carbon Free Dining - Certified Restaurant - London - Service Universe

SERVICE UNIVERSE is the most fertile PLANTATION of the 21st century. Growing on Service Universe plantation you will gain strong roots to develop the freedom to express, to build integrity and identity, and to liberate your insecurities. It starts with you, it starts right now. Be the next level generation of talents, because people like you will empower and embrace love, peace, creation and wellness.
Learn the Psychology of Cooking and become part of The Plantation. You don’t have to be a chef to think like a chef. Trust yourself, you are unique!

Service Universe has teamed up with Carbon Free Dining, the United Nations-backed initiative to tackle climate change, end poverty, provide income, education, food, and to provide a sustainable future.

They have chosen to demonstrate their love for the environment by partnering with this programme.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified partner, Service Universe plants many trees each month, mitigating their environmental impact.

They do this by donating money every month to Carbon Free Dining, and for every 99p donated a tree will be planted.

Service Universe
Service Universe


Service Universe

54 Barnes High Street,
SW13 9PY