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St Luke’s Table, located in London, is a restaurant that serves a range of modern dishes that capture the flavours of the season. Alessio’s culinary philosophy is to incorporate adventure, tradition and innovation into all his divine recipes, sourcing unique ingredients to bring out authentic flavours. 

St Luke’s Table serves a wide range of delicious, yet healthy and balanced meals (all paired with their own wine), including a vegan menu so anyone can experience their locally sourced, sensational meals – including their range of handmade desserts. Along with their beautiful and intimate atmosphere, dining at St Luke’s table is something you don’t want to miss! 

Along with their passion for divine and balanced food, St Luke’s Table are also passionate about the environment, shown through their partnership with the United-Nations-backed initiative Carbon Free Dining. 

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, all of St Luke’s Table’s customers have the opportunity to plant a fantastic fruit tree in one of the worlds most deprived communities. This gives food, an education and the start to a new economy for some of the most poverty-stricken members of our population. Also, these trees counterbalance the carbon produced from St Luke’s Table’s excellent meals. 

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St. Luke’s Table
St. Luke’s Table


St. Luke’s Table

112 St. Martin’s Lane,

020 3876 2315