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The Dolphin is a traditional pub located in Shrewsbury. Established in 1820, The Dolphin is a traditional pub that has been recently remastered for the modern world! With the atmosphere at its heart, you can enjoy a hearty meal with friends and family in cosy, friendly surroundings.

After years of experience, months of preparing and plenty of broken plates, you’re in for a treat when you eat at The Dolphin. Enjoy a fusion of flavours from junk food to the Far East; their menu is continually adapting and exploring new dishes and flavours so you’ll definitely be in for a treat!

Along with their passion for serving a fantastic menu of food, The Dolphin is also showing their love for sustainability and for ending poverty through their partnership with the United Nations Environment backed initiative Carbon Free Dining.

As a Carbon Free Dining certified restaurant, everyone who visits The Dolphin has the incredible opportunity to plant a fruit tree in the developing world. These trees are changing the lives of some of the most impoverished communities on the planet by providing food, shelter, education and the means to start a sustainable economy.

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The Dolphin
The Dolphin


The Dolphin Inn

48 St Michael’s St,

01743 247005