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The Garden Cafe prides itself on its passion for serving amazing tasting plant-based food, made with the best ingredients, locally sourced from local suppliers. Their dishes are mouth-watering, thanks to their speciality breads, coffee, fresh fruit and veg and not forgetting delicious dairy-free ‘nice’ cream!

The Garden Cafe’s menu is ever-changing, using ingredients which are in season. This means that their homemade soups, flatbreads, sausage rolls (renowned in the local area!) and crepes are the best in town, ensuring visitors come back to visit time and time again!

At The Garden Cafe, they’re showing their care for the environment and passion for ending poverty through their partnership with the United Nations Environment backed initiative Carbon Free Dining.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, everyone who dines at The Garden Cafe has the incredible opportunity to plant a fruit tree in the developing world. These fruit trees transform the lives of some of the poorest communities on our planet by providing food, shelter, education and the start to a stable economy. Furthermore, these trees also counterbalance all of the tasty meals devoured at The Garden Cafe!

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The Garden Cafe
The Garden Cafe


The Garden Cafe

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Stramongate, Kendal
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