Unity Diner

Spitalfields, London

Carbon Free Dining - Certified Restaurant - Unity Diner

Unity Diner is London’s biggest 100% vegan diner & cocktail bar! Founded in September 2018, Unity Diner is a non-profit, with their profits going directly towards animal rights campaigns including the development of a new UK animal sanctuary. All suitable food waste is donated to animals who have been rescued from slaughter too!

At Unity Diner, they serve a wide range of food made with love. From incredible burgers to infamous desserts, along with their luxurious cocktails, it’s the perfect place to enjoy great food in a cosy and unique atmosphere with friends & family!

At Unity Diner, they’re super passionate about the environment with all of their straws & takeaway containers being 100% biodegradable, all of their uniforms are ethically made, and their payment system is 100% paperless!

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, everyone who dines at Unity Diner has the incredible opportunity to plant a fruit tree in the developing world. These trees provide food, shelter, education and the means to start an economy to some of the most impoverished communities on our planet – transforming their lives. These trees also counterbalance the carbon produced from all of Unity Diner’s insane meals!

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Unity Diner
Unity Diner


Unity Diner

60 Wentworth St,
Spitalfields, London,
E1 7AL

020 7426 0224