Carbon Free Dining in Partnership With Lightspeed

V Rev is Manchester City Centre’s first and only 100% vegan eatery, established in 2011.

Situated on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, V Rev was founded by Dominic Moss and his friend Chris Redman five years ago as a vegan grocery and record store specialising in Punk, Hardcore and Metal. Chris moved to Cambridge the next year and in early 2013 Dominic began to introduce a small menu comprising of mainly burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches made with the products he sold.

Due to the popularity of his menu, Dom moved premises to the much larger purpose built one on Edge Street and changed over to serving purely food. With an extensive menu of Vegan ‘comfort food’ and drinks and with a keen eye on sustainability, V Rev has gone from strength to strength and word of the menu has really spread.

Now, not only does V Rev provide an outstanding Vegan Menu, but with each bill, they add 99p to enable the planting of a fruit tree. These trees, planted in the developing world, will not only counterbalance the environmental impact of each diner’s meal, but will also help to provide some of the planet’s poorest communities with an opportunity of a sustainable life for them and many generations to come.

Working within a network across Africa, Asia and South America, Green Earth Appeal, V Rev’s tree planting partner, who are also a United Nations Environment partner, help to provide “exit strategy aid”. This follows a simple but proven process – provide Education in agroforestry and land management, Infrastructure and Trees and end up with Sustainability.

Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurant