Veggie Heroes

Østerbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Carbon Free Dining - Veggie Heroes Østerbro Denmark

Veggie Heroes is the perfect place for vegan dining in Copenhagen! Located in the district of Østerbro, Veggie Heroes brings oriental food to Denmark in the most eco-friendly way.

Veggie Heroes takes the best of Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine, sprinkles some vegan love and delivers a diverse oriental buffet composed of hot dishes such as spring rolls, pho soup and of course dumplings, and not to mention the sushi and salad buffet.

After enjoying the mouth-watering buffet – be sure to check out the dessert menu, comprising of Oreo cheesecakes, ice-cream and mochi cake!

The drinks menu is equally as impressive… you can enjoy an ice-cold Fritz-Kola, or something hot, with a large tea range from China, Korea and Japan.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, all of Veggie Heroes’ customers are given the opportunity to plant a life-saving fruit tree in one of the world’s poorest communities. This offers them an education and the means to build their own economy, whilst also counterbalancing the unavoidable CO₂ produced from Veggie Heroes’ incredible food.

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Veggie Heroes Østerbro
Veggie Heroes Østerbro


Veggie Heroes

Blegdamsvej 106,
2100 København Ø,

Tel: 63 10 00 01