How can Carbon Free Dining attract more customers to my restaurant?

Carbon Free Dining Restaurants Benefit From:

  • An increase in customers
  • An increase in bookings
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Heightened customer satisfaction
  • A huge differentiator in the hospitality industry
  • Greater customer engagement

All Free of Charge

Let us bring you more customers

Carbon Free Dining restaurants offer diners the opportunity to do something great – planting trees in the developing world, and that is something they can’t do anywhere else.

People are searching for Carbon Free Dining restaurants like yours right now, and studies have proven that customers are now looking for more responsible businesses to spend their money with.

Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants see an increase in customers – as they offer an experience found nowhere else – and it is free to your restaurant!

What is Carbon Free Dining?

Carbon Free Dining is the socio-environmental restaurant initiative taking the hospitality industry by storm – offering restaurants the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint at zero-cost, whilst giving their diner’s a feel-good factor like no other.

Greater Customer Loyalty

Customers are far more likely to return to somewhere that offers them great experience and unquestionable value.

Sometimes, food and drink aren’t enough to keep customers coming back, they are looking for something a little different, and Carbon Free Dining offers just that – ensuring diners keep coming back to your restaurant time and time again.

Carbon Free Dining is a Differentiator

There are over 80,000 restaurants and food service enterprises in the UK, and that makes it hard to stand out from the crowd!

How can a restaurant appeal to diners when competing with such a vast amount of competition?

Carbon Free Dining Certification allow restaurants a differentiator – a way to stand out and to appeal to the 60 million people in the UK who love tasty food!

You’re not just a regular restaurant, you’re a Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurant – and people love you because you offer soemhting unique.

Heightened Customer Satisfaction

Carbon Free Dining gives an experience like no other.

Where else can a diner enjoy a truly outstanding meal, with the conscious knowing that, by dining out and planting trees with their meal, they are changing the lives of some of the planets poorest communities?

Your restaurant offers it’s diners the ability to do something truly amazing whilst ensuring your business stands out from regular restaurants.

Greater Customer Engagement

Carbon Free Dining partnered restaurants experience greater engagement with customers – they interact more with your restaurant via social media (which we pledge to take care of for you), they spread the word to their friends both by word of mouth and using their social platforms, actively promote your restaurant and the great work you do – all at zero cost!

All free of charge to Carbon Free Dining partners – zero-cost for a lifetime

Get more customers for FREE with Carbon Free Dining:

Marco Pierre White - Carbon Free Dining
Marco Pierre White - Carbon Free Dining