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Let Zim Braai take you on a journey, and discover the taste of South Africa, through authentic dishes and exciting flavours.

With influences from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi, and dishes inspired by Madagascar, Zanzibar and The Seychelles, Zim Braai prepares dishes bursting with culture, offering a dining experience which is truly unique.

With beautifully grilled meat and fish, cast iron pot stews, and crisp, fresh superfood salads, Zim Braai delivers the true taste of Africa.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified partner, Zim Braai aims to plant hundreds of trees each year, offsetting the Carbon Footprint of the meals it serves. This is done by simply giving diners the opportunity of planting a single fruit tree with each bill

However not only are Zim Braai helping diners offset their carbon footprint, but they have also pledged to go completely carbon neutral by offsetting their carbon footprint each month by planting additional trees.

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Zim Braai


Zim Braai

99 Commercial Rd,
Ashley Cross, Poole, BH14 0JD

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